Real Neat Blog Award – Look Mom, We’re Neat-O!

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Howdy folks! In typical Jenn fashion, I started to outline a bunch of posts to queue up and then I………………..didn’t finish writing any of ’em! Woops! So the blogging well is still a bit dry. BUT! Thankfully, I was tagged in not one, but TWO Real Neat Blogger Award tags. We’re really neat-o! I love getting tagged in these types of things, because not only do they make me feel loved and appreciated (<3), but it means I have something easy to write to fill the gaps (😈).

I’d like to give a big shout-out to BiblioNyan for tagging me in their romp-tastic post, and to Yomu for their award-winning award post. They both wrote top tier tags, and their blogging personalities shine through in each of them, proving that they are truly worthy of this award. Give them a round of applause, and a round of yeehaws, too.

yeehaw rin.png
Yeehaw!!!!! (I’ve been looking for an excuse to post this picture for DAYS)

Now, to the real meat of this neat award.

The Rules:

  1. Display the logo.
  2. Thank the blogger that nominated you and share a link to their blog.
  3. Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  4. Nominate 7-10 bloggers.
  5. Ask them 7 questions.


First, let’s start with BiblioNyan’s questions.

What is your favourite type of post to write?

Hmmmm, I think I actually like writing analytical posts the best. They’re more difficult to write, and usually don’t perform well, so I don’t actually write them that often… Still, it sort of makes me feel like some kind of anime detective or anime anthropologist or something. An example would be that thing I wrote about Banana Fish and the short story it was influenced by. That shit took me forever to write! But I’m a dork, so I love taking forever to research and write! If I had it my way, I’d have enough time to write boring stuff like that forever.

What are two posts from this year that you feel most proud of?

This week is going to be full of me tooting my own horn, I guess, because I just posted a blog-a-versary post where I list my favorite things I’ve written so far. But I am a lover of horn-tooting, so I will gladly toot twice. I’m gonna say toot one more time. Toot.

Anyways. I’m proud of myself for writing these more serious posts about Sexual Assault in Perfect Blue and this review of My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness because they were both difficult yet freeing to write. I’m happy to be able to express important things, even if I can only do it through a veil of anime analysis. I hope that, as my writing improves, I can revisit topics like that and write about them a little more eloquently.

writing anime ooo.gif

What is your favourite feel-good narrative? (This can be from books, anime, video games, etc.)

I’m a really big fan of strong friendship subplots. No romantic subtext, just pals being pals. Sports anime give me a lot of that goodness. Good friendships were why I used to love certain American teen dramas so much – I couldn’t care less about stuff like Gossip Girl where all the characters are bitchy to each other and getting in love triangles, but I loved Veronica Mars because Veronica, Wallace, and Mac were such a good trio of friends who always believed in one another. Although I guess Veronica Mars did have some saucy love triangles, too…

If you could conquer any fear in this moment, what would it be?

Oh geez. I’m constantly wracked with anxiety, so it’s hard to think of things that I’m NOT afraid of. I guess most of all I’d want to conquer the fear of failure. I think it keeps me from pursuing certain creative venues. I’m tryna learn to love failures and grow from them! Turns out, it’s really hard to do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are two traits that you feel you do well as a blogger? (For example, writing good synopses, creating graphics, telling jokes, etc.)

I think I do a pretty good job of keeping my blogging topics unique. I try to steer clear of writing copy-and-paste reviews. I’m also proud of the fact that I pour my personality into everything I write – I used to be a lot stuffier, but now, even with my more analytical posts, I try to put some humor or sprinkle some personal anecdotes throughout. It’s more fun to keep it casual and familiar, and I think that’s what’s made this blog more successful than my past attempts.

Do you have a blogging pet peeve? If so, what is it?

My personal peeve about myself is that I suck at keeping a blogging schedule. My only peeve about other bloggers would be the thirst follows. Like, listen up, podiatry blog that randomly followed me – I know you’re not reading my anime posts! You’re just here because I mentioned that I worked out once and said that my feet hurt afterwards!

anime inspired.gif

What inspires you to blog?

Anything and everything, to be honest. A good gay anime, powerful music (usually an OST), other bloggers, my friends’ various creative endeavors…seeing other people create things makes me want to create things, too! Even if the thing I’m creating is just a ramble-y post about a favorite character or a shitty movie. It’s just nice to throw yourself out there.


If you had to choose one, what would your chuuni name be? (For example, I am known as Dark-Seal Mirage in the chuuni community, Dark-Seal for short).

Oh man, I was an emo kid back in the day, which I think is the closest thing to a chunni there is in real life. One of my AOL screen names would probably work as a chunni name. I was xXxGaaraTehPandaxXx at one point. Maybe I can step it up a notch and make it xXxGaaraTehEvilPandaxXx?

What anime made you laugh the most?

Nichijou! It’s so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh. Plus, it’s nice and wholesome, so it makes you feel good. Nichijou is like a warm, soothing cup of tea. But, like, a cup of tea that also makes you laugh? Yeah, similes!

Who is your favourite anime character with a moustache?

Alex Louis Armstrong, of course! He’s not only my favorite moustache’d character, he’s also…the only one I can think of right now!

armstrong stache.gif

Has anime ever inspired you to try eating something new?

This is probably a pretty basic answer, but I ate real ramen because of Naruto. I didn’t know that there was any kind of ramen other than Cup Noodles before. I wanted to try it for a long time, and a few months ago I finally drove to a legit place that was two hours away from me. It was worth it!!

If you could pick any two anime characters to battle it out, who would you choose? (Can be a battle of wits, strength, whatever type of battle you want).

I’d like to see Guts from Berserk and Claire from Claymore have a sword fight. I always thought of Claymore as a sort of discount Berserk, in a way, but I think Claire could actually win. She is a demon hybrid, after all. Then again, I guess Guts has demolished some full demons, so maybe not? Either way, Guts would be more fun to watch in the sword fight because he would be animated better 🙂

What is an anime that has been on your to-watch list for a very long time?

I’ve wanted to watch Princess Tutu for a really long time, and the only reason I’ve put it off is because I KNOW I’ll love it, so I want to make sure I can dedicate my full attention to it. Gotta put aside time before I end up with a new hyper-fixation, know what I’m saying?

What is your favourite aspect of blogging?

While I really enjoy writing, my favorite part is the interaction. I used to lurk a lot of blogs before I started one of my own, but now I’ve read more posts from other people than ever. It’s neat to see other people’s posts and be able to build off of them. And it’s also just fun to share experiences while other people share theirs!

PHEW mob psycho.gif

Phew! That was a lot! I’m winded and my wrists are cramped, and I still gotta tag people! As always, y’all aren’t obligated to answer questions: just know that I think your blog is neat!

And some questions, should you choose to answer them:

  1. What made you want to get into blogging?
  2. Do you have any “guilty pleasure” anime? Something that you’re low-key embarrassed to admit you like?
  3. What’s an underrated gem you wish more people would watch?
  4. Is there a fictional character that you relate to the most?
  5. Is there an anime/manga/film/video game/whatever that you wish would get an official release in your country?
  6. What’s a post you’ve written that you wish more people had read/interacted with?
  7. What’s one way you’ve grown as a blogger/writer since you started?

There you go, folks. As always, thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award – Look Mom, We’re Neat-O!

  1. Congrats for getting that award. I definitely agree with Perfect Blue being one of your best posts. Yes, I’m biased because that’s one of my favorite anime movies, but you wrote a fantastic article involving that film.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s quite the chuuni name, rolls right off the tongue haha!
    Gotta love Major Armstrong, and I love Claymore so I would be cheering Claire on.
    Thanks for the great answers!


  3. Congrats on the award. I’ve already done this, but I like to answer the questions anyway for the fun of it (I call it a “policy”, but that’s just giving it a fancy name), so…

    1. For WordPress specifically, it was stumbling upon posts from people like Karandi, Scott and Irina. Overall, I started blogging as part of a school project years ago and figured I would find it fun if I did it as a hobby.
    2. Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note. You’ve probably never heard of it and that’s…probably for the better, because it’s aimed at middle schoolers and it’s a short-ep anime to boot. It’s not embarrassing enough that I’d hide it on my AniList, but it had that distinct awkwardness of not quite being for kids and not quite being for adults either. At least with kids’ shows, there are often adults/adult surrogates to sympathise with, which makes them easier to like, but this show didn’t do that…all it had going for it from my POV was the all-star voice cast.
    3. Since you only give me the one choice, I’d go with Concrete Revolutio – you have to pay a lot of attention to figure out what’s happening, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with sakuga and a set of nuanced themes.
    4. En Yufuin from Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!. He never really wants to do anything except sleep, take baths or eat his favourite food, but should you get him fired up, he’ll definitely get the task at hand done. He is my husbando and what you might call “#goals” all at once.
    5. Kaito x Ansa. I found it floating around on YouTube (in fairly low quality) fairly recently and as much as I’d /like to say/ I understood it all, my listening skills when it comes to Japanese are leagues behind my reading skills…and I only had my listening skills to guide me for this show (the YouTube-generated subtitles weren’t worth attempting to fix). To be truthful, Kaito x Ansa is a second season of a short-ep show and the first season was on Crunchyroll, so I think the first season underperformed…so that’s my answer for the “streaming is an official release” kind of answer. If we talk physical releases, I’d like discs of Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, but I’m not sure whether any stores near me would stock it (we’re talking brick-and-mortar stores, since for multiple reasons, I don’t shop online).
    6. My manga posts generally underperform in comparison to my anime ones, so my answer at this point in time would probably be the one I did a few months ago on Astra: Lost in Space. If I’m proud of a post and think it didn’t get the readership it deserved though, I’d put it into a Jon’s Creator Showcase…
    7. I think I’ve learnt to hold back on certain things I want to say, but shouldn’t say. This especially comes in handy for internet arguments, since there is a certain WordPress blogger, who I will not name, who differs from me in possibly every single way (aside from being an anime fan, of course) and disagrees with me on a lot of things, yet the reason why I haven’t started a fight with them is because I’ve learnt to be more polite/not answer when the need arises.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH I’m glad you reminded me of Concrete Revolutio because that was on my to-watch list and then I completely forgot about it. #7 is a good one, too…I definitely have learned to pick my battles on that one haha or even hold back comments that aren’t meant to be confrontational but might come off that way!


  4. Thank you so much for including me! :3 I will answer the questions once I get a chance… although, I am not sure when that will be ;.;

    I really enjoyed reading all of your answers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I can relate to the fear of failure so much! In fact, I would love to understand who I have to prove so much that makes me want to never fail at me… Well, probably myself >.<

    Thank you so much for tagging me and congrats for the award! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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