6 Weird, Mindscrew Women-Loving-Women Movies/Anime — PopLurker

Hey folks! I wrote a guest post over at PopLurker this week about my favorite genre of movies, Acid Trip Lesbians. Check out a little blurb from it here, and then follow the link to read the rest!

You may have heard that Kristen Stewart is slated to star in a holiday-themed lesbian rom-com in 2019. Yahoo! Good gay content to be had for all! KStew is a verified gay goddess, so a rom-com starring her will answer the fevered prayers of gay gals everywhere. Truth be told, a lot of our women-loving women’s movie prayers have been answered in the past few years – 2016 gave us the Oscar-nominated Carol, which delivered plenty of steamy romance, and a bunch of Cate Blanchett-in-a-big-fur-coat goodness.

…come to think of it, that was technically a Christmas movie, too…I’m sure Jesus is thankful that he’s finally getting lesbian movies for his birthday.

Now, those movies are definitely exciting, but what if you want your wlw media to be a little more…shroom trippy? Maybe rom-coms and dramas just aren’t your thing…you want something a little more David Lynchian. Maybe you only want to see lady loving in a movie that also features claymation murder sequences, aliens, girls turning into bears, or a fuckton of cocaine?

Well, don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered. We’re connoisseurs of Weird Shit, Gay Shit, and especially Weird Gay Shit. It can be hard to find good things to watch that are of the wlw variety, especially since googling “weird lesbian movies” is only going to give you awkward redirects to PornHub. Let us take you on a journey…

Read it in full here on PopLurker, and give them a follow while you’re at it – they post fun content like artist interviews and erotic novel reviews. Plus, I write stuff for them sometimes, so you know they’ve got some quality stuff! 😉

6 Weird, Mindscrew Women-Loving-Women Movies/Anime.


This Art Club Has A Problem! – A Garbage Boy Double-Feature! (Episodes 8/9)

this art club has a problem

Ah, the This Art Club Has A Problem collab sure is moving along fast, huh? We’re already up to episode 9 of 12! And by “we,” I mean “me,” because I’m behind on the collab! 😉

Episode 7’s post was dedicated trashing Usami, but this week, it’s going to be a Subaru dissing double feature! Since I didn’t post the episode 8 entry last week, I’m packing it into this post and pretending Subaru doesn’t exist. Then, for episode 9, it’ll be a round of what did Subaru do wrong this time?Since I’m combining two episodes, though, I’m only going to do one half of each episode. There’s usually two skits, and I figure covering an overall total of five skits might be a little overwhelming.

Anyways, enough talk. Let’s dive in and let the mockery of the Supreme Garbage Boy commence!


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This Art Club Has A Problem! -Usami kind of sucks, huh? (Episode 7)

this art club has a problem usami

I know, I know. It’s shocking that I’m not covering President this time around. But there’s something I’ve wanted to bring up for a while – Usami sucks. She’s irrational, she’s too angry, and half her problems would be solved if she just spoke about her feelings for once! Sure, it’s hard to admit you like a boy, but come on. You’re not fooling anyone, girl, stop beating up your crush and stealing his soft drinks and just TALK TO HIM!!

That being said, the theme I’m choosing is Usami angry moments. It’ll give me a chance to expose her for the Worst Girl she is by picking apart her angry outbursts. I’m glad that this episode theme list has a lot of potential for Usami bashing – Jon Spencer Reviews picked Usami vs Imari for his theme, and I’m sure he’ll spend an ample amount of time dunking on Usami, too.

I picked the theme and wrote this intro before I even watched the episode, so let’s hope Usami still stucks and gets pissed off a bunch so that I can rip her character to shreds!


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This Art Club Has A Problem!: King of Mullets, Mullet of Kings (Episode 6)

Here we are once again, my fellow President worshipers. For episode six, I’ll be focusing on President’s Hair. I’m not sure how I became so dedicated to covering the President for Yomu’s collab post series, but here I am. If you want to see some non-President centered posts, check out that link – it’ll show you other folks’ blog posts, and will even give you info on how to join in on the collab fun!

Also, just want to say that I’m really angry that worshipers isn’t spelled with two p‘s, according to the red squiggle that keeps appearing when I try to spell it worshippers. Anyways, on with the episode!

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This Art Club Has A Problem!: Presidential Praise Lightning Round!! (Episodes 3/4/5)

Well, well, well. I’ve been shirking my blogging duties once again. First, it was for a Good Reason – I was quite sick for a while. But that only forgives me for one week. This week, the thing that was eating my writing time up was a little thing called Kingdom Hearts 3. I got it for my birthday, and it’s been so insanely entertaining that I haven’t been able to break myself away from it.

I’m sure you’ve been wondering – how the heck is this lazy bench going to catch up on Yomu’s collab project???! Well, have no fear! The lightning round is here! I’m covering all three episodes in one post, bay-beeeeeeeeeee!

Pretty impressive, yeah? Okay, so I’m not doing three different themes. I’m cheating and just doing one theme for all three: Shower President With Praise. Which is double cheating, actually, because I’ve already praised President before…but listen. He’s so good. He deserves my undivided attention for four episodes straight. Without further ado, let us hail Our King.


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This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 2: All Hail Our Sleepy President King

this art club has a problem president

It’s time for another episode of Yomu’s This Art Club Has A Problem collab! If you haven’t checked it out yet, follow that link and join in on the fun. Basically, participants are watching this 2016 series together and blogging each episode based on a list of themes Yomu comes up with. Don’t worry about joining late – I’m always running a week behind, and they still let me in on the fun 😉

This week, the theme I’ve chosen is The President’s Energy Usage.

Screenshot (723).png

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This Art Club Has Really Pretty Sunsets!: Episode 1 of Yomu’s Collaboration Project

I’m throwing my hat into Yomu’s This Art Club Has A Problem collab! The project is really fun, so if you haven’t seen their post, please check it out. It’s a really neat idea and I’m super excited to be a part of it. Maybe join us in the blog-along of this series!

The theme I picked for episode one is “Sometimes It’s The Little Things In Anime,” which Yomu listed as a core theme for the series. I haven’t seen any other episodes just yet, so I don’t know if I’ll write about this for each post, but it does feel like a great place to start. There were A LOT of small details throughout this first episode that were really endearing. I realized as I started to write about the episode that these little things were actually what I appreciated most.

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