Cardcaptors: A Trash Dub Nightmare

EDIT: This blog post previously mentioned Yu-Gi-Oh! and alleged that WB Kids picked up Cardcaptor Sakura because they wanted something as popular as Yu-Gi-Oh!, but actually Cardcaptors was released a few months BEFORE Yu-Gi-Oh! Those sections have been removed. Remember, I’m just an amateur writer, not a Paid Journalist, so bear with me here! (6/25/2018)

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card is coming this month, and it’s one of the most-anticipated anime this winter. Therefore, I feel that it’s a good time to look back at the horror that was…Cardcaptors, the Nelvana dub of the original Cardcaptor Sakura. Gather ’round, children, for I have for you a bone-chilling tale of redubbed music, horrid mispronunciations of Japanese names, and LGBT erasure…

The year was 2000. WB Kids was high off of the Pokemon craze, and wanted to run another hot-blooded anime series that would rile up the young boys of America. And so they chose…shoujo classic Cardcaptor Sakura(?). Presumably, the thinking was that the cards aspect of the anime would make a great merch tie-in, but they weren’t interested in a magical girl show. Because, you know, a magical girl show could never work in America…

So they took some many liberties to make Cardcaptor Sakura as un-Cardcaptor Sakura as they could to market it to US audiences.

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