In defense of my favorite mess: Neon Genesis Evangelion IS flawed…but like, who cares?

Recently, Netflix announced that they acquired the streaming rights for Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is a HUGE deal, because it hasn’t been legally available to watch in North America for over a decade. It’s absolutely bananas that such an iconic anime has been inaccessible for so long. It just goes to show how ridiculous corporate red tape can be, I suppose.

evangelion misato.gif

Because the series was relevant in conversation again, I saw a TON of folks online crawl out from the woodwork to shit on everyone’s parade. Netflix’s announcement had re-sparked the old arguments about whether Evangelion is truly a masterpiece, or if it’s just an overrated mess. 

I love Evangelion very, very much. It’s one of my favorite series, and I truly believe that it’s a must-watch for anime fans. Because of my immense love for the series, it’s my knee-jerk defensive instinct to assume that everyone who hates it are just contrarian trolls. I want to believe that all the criticisms that say Eva is convoluted, fake-deep, and overrated are baseless trash arguments…but they’re not. It’s true, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a deeply flawed series, and it is NOWHERE NEAR as perfect as many fans claim it is. In a way, it really has become overrated.

…but it’s still really fucking good, and deserves to be an anime staple despite those flaws.

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Happy First Blog-A-Versary, BAYBEEEEE!!!

Today’s the big day, folks! It’s Welcome To Hell Zone’s birthday! I’m really proud that I’ve maintained my little slice of the web for a year. I might not have maintained it consistently…but I’m still proud!

I should be doing something mega-special, right? Well, honestly, me resurrecting my blog from the depths of depression hell is probably the biggest tribute I can give. I’ve been slacking lately, but I’m back, baybeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Bloggin’ on Blogging: What Should We Be Reviewing In A Review?

I don’t usually write series reviews. I’ll write about a series or do a quick first impression post or something like that, but I haven’t done many full reviews. Part of that is because, well…I don’t finish that many series. If I’m not hooked, I’ll drop it pretty quickly. When I do finish a series, I’m usually not that compelled to write about them.

Another reason I don’t write a lot of reviews is because they can feel really stale. At least, when I write them, they do. It’s hard to write about a series objectively, and I usually get bogged down by boring technical nonsense.

lucky star homework
Reviews can feel like homework! Booooo

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The Bisexual Dystopia of Shin Sekai Yori: or, how an evil anime government tried to make all the kids gay

It’s pride month, so for the whole month of June I’m writing about LGBTQ+ representation in anime and manga! Yay for gay anime!

Okay, so what if I told you there was an absolutely brilliant dystopian anime that featured not one, not two, but FOUR canon bisexuals? Drum roll pleeeeeeeease…

It’s Shinsekai Yori, or From the New World! Not only is this one of the best anime dystopian thrillers I’ve ever seen, but four out of five of its main characters are bi. Not just implied, either…there are same-sex kisses shared on-screen by both the male and female characters. They date each other. They explicitly say that they are attracted to one another. There is no denying their bi-ness.

Or maybe pan-ness? I’m biased, so I’m gonna go with bi-ness.

However, the way the characters’ sexuality is woven into the story is a little odd. They’re not just bi characters who happen to be bi – it’s actually a plot device that ties in with the dystopian setting. Continue reading “The Bisexual Dystopia of Shin Sekai Yori: or, how an evil anime government tried to make all the kids gay”

The Box-set That Ruined Christmas: Finally, I Ordered Revolutionary Girl Utena‘s 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray Set From Right Stuf

Remember how it was Revolutionary Girl Utena’s 20th anniversary back in December?

Well, to celebrate, Nozomi Entertainment, with the help of distributor/vendor Right Stuf, was going to release a gorgeous special edition Blu-Ray boxset that came with a special edition art book and two specially made Rose Crest rings. A super cool deal, right? The box set that had been released five years ago no longer seems to available as one set (instead, it’s split up by saga/arcs), so this set came as a huge relief to fans who were afraid they would have to resort to buying individual DVDs and Blu-Rays to complete their collection.

And, to make things even more exciting, the release was set to ship right before Christmas, so it would make the perfect gift for your favorite anime fan! (Or, you know, just the perfect gift for you!)

“Hey, wait, this sounds pretty awesome and not Christmas-ruining at all,” you’re saying to yourself. Ah, you sweet naïve reader, you. Unfortunately for everyone who rushed to bag those Amazon holiday special discounted pre-orders, things were not as rosy as they seemed. The reason things weren’t rosy? It was all because of those friggin’ special edition Rose Crest rings.

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Well, it LOOKED cute: A look at art style dissonance in anime

Have you ever been fooled by an anime’s cutesy art style? Were you one of the people who were absolutely floored when episode three of Madoka Magica came around, or someone who wasn’t expecting Made in Abyss to involve so much gore and vomit based on the character designs? Did you think Doki Doki Literature was just an innocent dating sim?

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Even Cactus Matt was fooled by a manga’s cover art recently! The poor fella just wanted to see some cute anime girls, but instead he got cute anime girls melting!

This concept of having an art style that doesn’t necessarily match up with the show’s tone is commonly utilized in anime. It’s called art style dissonance. The logic behind it is simple enough – if you see a cute looking character getting absolutely obliterated, you’re (probably) going to be more shocked by what’s happening. That can’t happen to her, she’s got pink hair and big moe eyes!

There are the more well-known examples like Madoka and Made in Abyss that I mentioned above, but those just scratch the surface. There are many, many series that utilize this method. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

Content warning: since this post is specifically talking about anime that are secretly fucked up, there’s some mention of some fucked up stuff in here. Some mentions of body horror and sexual assault beyond this point.

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