Top 10 Best Anime Eyebrows of Summer 2018: The Most Important Seasonal Round-Up There Is!

I’ve talked about my love for anime eyebrows before, but in case you didn’t see that, let me reiterate: I love me a good anime eyebrow. If they’re thick, scraggly, or just generally super expressive, then I’m in love. So many anime eyebrows seem little more than a simple line drawn onto a face with little thought…so whenever there’s an eyebrow that clearly has some LOVE etched into it, I can’t help but take notice.

Now, I meant to make one of these lists for the Spring 2018 season, but alas. My blogging has been very inconsistent in the past few months. It’s a shame, because Remy Fool gave me a lot of good nominations for Spring 2018 Best Eyebrows, too! I just didn’t get around to making the post, and by the time I had time, the season was long past.

Please respect that the title of Ultimate Eyebrow Queen will forever belong to Tsumugi Kotobuki, regardless of this listicle’s results.

But fear not, good followers. I have not forsaken the eyebrow countdown. This season, I’m back, and I actually watched a decent amount of series so that I could gather adequate eyebrow data for this list. Let’s start this list! Segway!!

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Sexual Assault in Perfect Blue: How Satoshi Kon’s Horror Classic Thoughtfully Frames A Woman’s Biggest Fear

Trigger warning for sexual assault and rape mention. Not only is Perfect Blue an extremely graphic film, but I will also be relating things in the film to personal experiences with sexual assault and how it affected me, which could be unsettling for some. I’m writing something a little more serious and personal than usual, but I hope you’ll still read along because it’s something that I’ve wanted to write about for quite some time now.

Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue had a limited return to theaters just this past week, and I was lucky enough to be able to get a ticket. This mind-bending psychological thriller about an idol and her obsessive stalker(s) is considered to be an anime film classic for good reason, and seeing it on the big screen reminded me of how great a film it truly is.

Though it seems like Perfect Blue has a relatively simple premise, the movie itself is far from simple. It has many twists and turns, and does an excellent job of placing the viewer in the muddled mind of Mima as she struggles to figure out who she really is versus the person society/her manager/her fans want her to be.

Mima’s stalker.

To be completely honest, Perfect Blue is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. Though it doesn’t have many stereotypical jump scare moments, the themes tackled in this movie shake me to my very core. The reason for that is, well, I can relate to a lot of the scary situations that Mima finds herself in.

I mean, no, I haven’t ever hallucinated an idol version of myself, and I’ve never had anyone systematically murder people who have come in contact with me. I can’t, like, literally relate. But a lot of the underlying themes of Perfect Blue hit me on a personal level that other horror movies have failed to do.

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Bloggin’ on Blogging: What Should We Be Reviewing In A Review?

I don’t usually write series reviews. I’ll write about a series or do a quick first impression post or something like that, but I haven’t done many full reviews. Part of that is because, well…I don’t finish that many series. If I’m not hooked, I’ll drop it pretty quickly. When I do finish a series, I’m usually not that compelled to write about them.

Another reason I don’t write a lot of reviews is because they can feel really stale. At least, when I write them, they do. It’s hard to write about a series objectively, and I usually get bogged down by boring technical nonsense.

lucky star homework
Reviews can feel like homework! Booooo

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How Excellent Side Characters Made Hinamatsuri The Best Anime of The Season

((Warning: Contains spoilers for Hinamatsuri))

Have you ever watched a series and thought, Wow, this side character is the real star of the series?

Well, that’s how viewers tended to feel watching Hinamatsuri, this season’s surprisingly emotional comedy about a psychokinetic girl being adopted by a yakuza member.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Hina and Nitta are entertaining. Both of them give some brilliant deadpan line deliveries, and the way they interact with each other is perfect. They’re both kind of very shitty people, but they still try their best to make the other’s lives a little brighter. It’s very sweet, and also very hilarious. However…

Screenshot (76)

…the two don’t really develop that much throughout the show. At least, not compared to the other characters. Sure, Hina used to be a crazed killing machine who mellows out thanks to her time with Nitta, but we don’t really see that much of the transformation – her past self is mostly implied through other character’s reactions to her new self. Ultimately, by the end of the series, she’s still kind of a jerk, even if she does save the day in the final episode, “Yukimatsuri.”  As for Nitta, we see him defrost a bit through his relationship with Hina when he vows to bring her home a mommy (“Anzu is A Greeter Now”) and when he bids her farewell (“And It’s The Same Old Hina”) …but then, he throws a lot of that development away when he is caught throwing a party when he thinks Hina has left for good.

Perhaps I’m not giving Nitta and Hina enough credit. It’s not like they’re flat or boring characters, but it really is hard to focus on the character development of the actual main characters when the supporting cast outshines them episode after episode. At the end of the day, it was these “side characters” who made Hinamatsuri the surprising and emotional favorite of the Spring 2018 season.

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