Sweet Punishment: I Watched It So You Don’t Have To! [ep 4 & ep 5]

Despite her innocence, Hina Saotome is about to be sent to a prison filled with dangerous(ly hot) men. There she must be punished by a sexy, sadistic guard and be subject to his “heartless yet sweet domination.” This is Sweet Punishment: I Am the Guard’s Private Pet, a short-form, web-only ecchi series.
Episode 1       Episode 2+3

It’s another crazy Thursday night, folks. I’m here to walk you through your favorite overly censored web series! (Un)Surprisingly, I could not remember what happened in the last few episodes, so I had to re-read my post from before. Somehow, this masterfully written drama just doesn’t stick in my mind after I watch it…
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Spring 2018 peeps (part two): Like last week’s post, except this time I hated everything

This week has been wild! I ended up getting wrapped up in a whole mess of personal stuff pretty much all week. I’m tired! But I’m relaxing now, and ready to finally finish watching these Spring 2018 anime premieres. I already saw a decent amount last week, but I’m ready to watch what’s left on my queue.

Before I start, some quick things! One, I changed my blog theme and I’m in the process of tidying up my tags and categories and stuff. I’m not sure how I feel about the Look yet, but I think it’s at least a bit cleaner looking. Or, maybe it isn’t! Let me know! I also made a Twitter specifically for anime nonsense/this blog, so if you were following me on my personal before, please follow me on this one, too! You don’t have to unfollow the personal or anything, I just wanted to make my social media experience a lil more organized. A lot of my IRLs don’t want to sit through my anime livetweets, after all…so in a way, I figured I’d be a little more comfortable to let loose on a separate account. My old highschool boyfriend doesn’t need to log in & see that I’ve been watching Sweet Punishment, after all…

Anyways, the seasonals. Right now, it’s looking like Hinamatsuri and Amanchu! Advance are my favorites, just as I expected, but there’s some other interesting stuff in the mix. Unfortunately, everything I watched other than those two shows this time around did not gel well with me. Like, at all.

All I have is unequivocal praise for my diving lesbians and psychic gangster children, and to be honest, it’s not fun for me to write nice words. We are in Hell Zone, after all. Writing bitterly is my favorite. Let’s take a(n angry) peep.

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Insomnia Views: HenSemi (Spoiler: it’s a bad one!)

Finished at 2:48am on a Thursday. 
Summary: HenSemi tells the story of Matsutaka Nanako, a young woman who joins a college seminar nicknamed HenSemi (short for Hentai Seiri, or Abnormal Physiology Seminar) that’s about weird fetishes. She joins because a guy she has a crush on is in it. Said guy, Komugi, is into things like public masturbation, netorare, and letting other people eat his poop. Naturally, Nanako feels pretty boring and vanilla in comparison, so she tries to step up her own kink game to match his. Usually, she just ends up being grossed out by Komugi and her other classmates. Nice, wholesome entertainment all around.
MAL Rating: 6.61 (OVA) 6.64 (TV)
Did it make you hate yourself? Yes. Yes it did.

If you couldn’t guess from the summary, there’s some NSFW content going on. It’s all below the cut, so be weary!
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